Roof Installation Service

Roof Installation Service

Need a Roof Installation? Call A Plus Roofing and Construction!

No one should ever take the decision for a new roofing system lightly. Differing materials come with their own assets that need painstaking thought, as new roofs stand as large investments. Price can additionally carry consideration, as some roofing components cost much more than others. Of course, you also should select a roofing material based on visual traits that embodies your preferences as a homeowner. For roof installation in Charlotte and Matthews, NC, A Plus Roofing and Construction appears as the real leader. If the day has come to pick a new roof for your residence, call us now at 980-208-4205.

Roof Installation Materials

Roof Installation

We Carry Many Materials for Our Roof Installation Service.

The future buyer becomes confronted with an excess of materials for their roof. Assorted merits and drawbacks characterize every roof that a customer considers.

  • Architectural Shingles: Want to add more curb appeal to your home? Architectural shingles can give you more aesthetic appeal and value for your home.
  • Asphalt Shingles: A vast supply of styles and colors, along with relatively basic installation necessities and suitability for a wide number of climates, additionally appear as pluses for asphalt shingles.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles: When you want a roof that can withstand hail and strong winds, then impact resistant shingles are an excellent choice.
  • Slate: Slate has a natural appearance, quality resilience to fire, plus the chance to last for many decades. 
  • Synthetic Shingles: Roofing like slate, shake, and tile is really beautiful but can be a bit expensive. A great way to get the look of these types of roofs is going with synthetic shingles.

If you need more information about a roof installation in Charlotte and Matthews, NC, give our residential roofers a call today.

Contact Us for a Roof Installation

Contact Us for a Roof Installation

Get a Roof Installation in Charlotte, NC, Or Matthews, NC, By Calling Us Today.

At A Plus Roofing and Construction, we offer unsurpassed thoroughness and performance for a roof installation in Charlotte and Matthews, NC. Despite the style of roof you elect, know that our masterful experts will do an immaculate installation. Phone our team today at 980-208-4205 to set aside time for work or ask any questions about materials. Our roofers are here to answer any questions and give you the residential roof of your dreams. You will always have affordable and high-quality service when you work with our roofing company.